Monopoly Deal: Gameplay experience

Games have a balance of system and story, and according to Johan Huizinga, it is a meaningful activity, wouldn’t you agree?

During the pandemic, the whole world had to stay indoors more often, and it was not really by choice. As I was cooped up in my house, I spent more time online and while I mindlessly scrolled through my social media, a lifestyle blogger was recommending the game Monopoly Deal as they spent time in quarantine. They repeatedly emphasized how fun it was and as they were two players, I felt the need to try it out with my sister. And funny enough, as restrictions started to ease, when I met with some of my social groups, I was exposed to more board games such as Exploding Kittens and Monopoly Deal was one of them.

Monopoly Deal
Exploding Kittens

In the past, my impression of Monopoly was long and boring so when I first heard about the card game version, I was curious. I wondered if it were the same as the board game, long and boring. Needless to say, I did not have many expectations in playing the game at first. However, much to my surprise, Deal was much more exciting and refreshing compared to the board game version.

The game Monopoly is a multi-player economics-themed board game that is well known and popular among family and friends. Players start off by rolling the dice and moving around the board buying and trading properties and developing them into houses and hotels. Players can collect rent from opponents and drive them into bankruptcy. In the board game, you can either gain or lose money through the Chance and Community chest cards, or from the tax square.

Monopoly is a game that goes back centuries. In 1906, it was first self-published by Lizzie Magie, who initially developed the game called The Landlord’s Game to teach the ‘single-tax theory of Henry George‘. The game was then taken interest by Charles Darrow and was named the monopoly. Shortly, however, the game was bought by the Parker Brothers from Charles Darrow with two versions of the game, a regular and deluxe version.

It was not until 1991 when Hasbro bought Monopoly from Parker Bros that they created and licensed the game in more than 103 countries and in 37 languages. Among the various versions is the Monopoly Deal, the card version of the game.

The card game Monopoly Deal is a game of Alea (chance) and Agon (competition). Unlike the board game, it can be played in 15 minutes or less between 2 to 5 players. There is a total of 110 cards separated into four categories. The first is the Actin cards, you can collect rent, and debt, steal property, build houses upon complete sets, or even as money. Second is the Money cards, you can use them as money to pay opponents’ rent, birthday money, etc. Third is the Property card, which you can use as money in a desperate situation but in order to win the game, you have to collect three sets of different properties. Finally, the Wild cards are to help you complete properties of the same color.

Moving on to the mechanics of the game. The game requires each player to take turns. And when it is their turn, each player has three moves in each round, where they can choose to use all three or pass. Then, at their round, they are to pick two cards from the deck, which randomizes and adds the element of chance to the game.

To conclude, I believe this is a great game to introduce to your friends, family, and classmates. It is quick and easy, filled with excitement. Some other benefits are its portability, unlike the board game you do not need to carry the box set and it doesn’t require as much space. Moreover, the game has added learning values. Whenever I play the game, not only am I learning to be more strategic, but in some ways, I also learn to absorb the behavior and psychology of other players.

Finally, I hope that you will give it a try and enjoy the game. Remember, playing can be meaningful and productive.


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Communications and Media student

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